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Prince William County

INSPIRAÇÃO | TATUAGEM RAMO DE FLOR | Jeh Almeida - tatuagem ramo de flores

INSPIRAÇÃO | TATUAGEM RAMO DE FLOR | Jeh Almeida – tatuagem ramo de flores | tatuagem ramo de flores

These were amid sales abstracts provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To acquisition auction and appraisal annal for homes abroad in the Washington area, appointment washingtonpost.com.


Crossman Creek Way, 12773-Fernando Silva to Jose C. Malheiro, $430,000.

Howland Pl., 8807-Charlotte A. Rausch to Benjamin Chad and Gina Celano, $330,000.

Orland Stone Dr., 10019-Madan and Smriti Kafle Subedi to E. Michael Armstrong, $409,900.

Rustic Breeze Ct., 9312-Michael C. and Angela L. Straub to Iris Aponte, $585,000.


Sanders Lane, 3706-Estate of Ernest A. Phillips Jr. and Michael Oliver to Iber J. Rocha Garcia and David Lenin Cardona Vidal, $460,000.


Bowes Lane, 2837-Mohammad Zafar and Rubina N. Iqbal to Tinaroun and Jacqueline Obordo Ky, $265,000.

Buffalo Ct., 3502-Martin and Lina Morales to Maynor Alexander Menendez Avila, $220,000.

Cuddy Loop, 14154-Jerry R. and Christopher R. Eastman to Constance King, $187,000.

Dillon Ave., 14731-Eugene Francis Venteicher to Mesfin A. Kassa and Martha T. Desta, $305,000.

Filarete St., 14408-Deborah A. Sanders to Anthony R. and Christina Freeman, $235,000.

Hillendale Dr., 13419-Harold H. and Karen L. Weber to Christopher F. and Johanna E. Isani, $273,000.

Kingsman Rd., 13635-Isa Investments Corp. to Jose Ecdan Lopez and Ludwin Jemerson Lopez Pereira, $355,000.

Langtree Lane, 13611-Clarence and Claudette Tinker to Joaquin Soto-Almendras and Elizabeth Fernandez, $265,000.

Mapledale Ave., 13753-David G. Wenhold to Iris A. Martinez Ayala, $322,000.

Northton Ct., 5678-Howard L. and L.D. Denson to Angel G. Morales, $385,000.

Saffron Lane, 5664-Virginia Sell Now Corp. to Jessica Portillo, $329,000.

Surrydale Dr., 14392-Sarah C. and Douglas K. Melvin to Florencio Castro, $300,000.


Islip Loop, 17045-Clinton Boyer and Johanna Ramos-Boyer to Jocelyn Walker, $182,000.

Possum Point Rd., 17670-Carine G. Wawa and Franck Ngbandua Kipoliongo to Li Hua Yang, $340,000.


Akker Ct., 14501-Marciano M. and Julia P. Calanog to Alexander and Tetyana Andryukov, $684,364.

Crescent Park Dr., 7953, No. 153-Zachary A. and Ashley T. Perry to Barbara Petruncio, $265,000.

Forbes Pl., 14208-Karla G. Velasquez to Suman Siwakoti and Nisha Shrestha, $400,000.

Northbrook Lane, 14309-Russell A. Dakin to James Douglas and Deborah Ann Gwinn, $569,900.

Rogue Forest Lane, 7065-William and Christen N. Sanderson to Vivek Pisal, $307,125.

Specialized Trail, 6899, No. 1-Kenneth and Kendra Morris to Michelle and Jonell Smith, $285,000.

Virginia Oaks Dr., 7743-Kenneth V. Ossenfort to Giyeon Park and Yougjin Cho, $535,000.

Tatuagem Feminina de ramo de flor com borboletas ,desenho criado ..

Tatuagem Feminina de ramo de flor com borboletas ,desenho criado .. | tatuagem ramo de flores


Amber Ridge Rd., 5979-Richard R. and Mary L. Mangieri to Owen and Julie Eldridge, $580,000.

Fourmile Creek Ct., 15836-Peter D. Decker and Melinda H. Patrick to Kristy Lynn and Corey Joseph Breen, $400,000.

Simmons Grove Dr., 14947-La Ngamsanith to Taurice Javon and Latanya Monique Staley, $489,900.


Basswood Dr., 12534-Sarah W. Harper and Casey J. Walz to Megan L. and Jason D. Mills, $393,000.

Brandon Way, 7710-Sean T. and Yumiko O’Brien to James D. Garlits, $365,000.

Chaddsford Terr., 13018-David Franklin and Willa Jean Bell to Naeem and Shehla Ahmad, $715,000.

Covington Pl., 9538-Estate of Linda C. Settle and Jeffrey T. Settle to Trinh Dao, $205,000.

Farragut Ct., 10209-Brahim Djahra to Omid Abbarin, $185,000.

Highland St., 8249-Maynard W. and Sandra D. Grove to James R. and Lisa M. Arnold, $380,000.

Labrador Loop, 10481-Patrick G. and Rossella M. Moyer to Josue Ortiz Trujillo and Consuelo Mariluz Garcia, $390,000.

Paradise Ct., 10442, No. 8-2-Edwad Climaco and Alicia Irigoyen Zamarripa to Hector R. Lopez, $189,000.

Rienzi Pl., 11196-Gabriela Capatina to Michael A. Soldner, $184,000.

Tifton Ct., 6889-Michael J. and Holly Lynne Wood to Carlos O. Vigil, $530,000.

Wilmington St., 10162-Ada Amaya to Josue L. Alvarenga and Emerita Y. Ayala, $220,000.


Arrowood Dr., 9896-Aark Estates Corp. to Fernando A. Quezada Moreno and Ana I. Campos De Quezada, $450,000.

Garrison Rd., 7403-Nancy C. Wamsley to Yumei Song and Quanliang Sui, $325,000.

Leighlex Ct., 8359-Harinarine and Nabella Singh to Michelle Figueroa, $345,000.

Wallwood Dr., 10260-Edward and Monica Perez to Escolastico G. and Gloria M. Yanez, $412,000.


Atwater Lane, 16038-Melody A. Ofori to Cedrick and Crystal Washington, $294,000.

Edgewood Dr., 15919-David E. Jacobs and Maria M. Torres-Jacobs to Edwin Alfredo Cruz Reyes and Wendy Meschell Dempsey, $390,000.

Higgins Dr., 5127-Robert K. and Anne B. Morrison to Michael J. and Jennifer J. Oginsky, $450,000.

Spring Branch Blvd., 5062-Roger and Mosezelia Dennis to Melina N. Merino, $349,900.


Kendall Knolls Lane, 9401-Cheryl Ann Brindle to Chad C. and Tiffany K. Kingston, $660,000.

Payne Lane, 3449-Bruce A. and Caitlin Rector Cinibulk to James Thomas Johns, $451,000.

Rj Way, 12479-NVR Inc. to Craig and Teresa Drwiega, $831,485.


Miata Lane, 18912-Jere T. and Claudia V.C. Miles to Gwendolyn W. Newsome, $450,000.

Tatuagem de borboletas com ramo de flores - Fotos Tatuagem | Cute ..

Tatuagem de borboletas com ramo de flores – Fotos Tatuagem | Cute .. | tatuagem ramo de flores


Alabama Ave., 15024-Top Choice 1 Corp. to Marlenys A. Sandoval-Sorto, $309,900.

Barkham Dr., 14559, No. 297A-Alfonso Soto Rodriguez to Sheretha M. Emmons, $315,000.

Bracknell Dr., 3617-Jeanine M. Santa to Neal Richard White, $392,000.

Cara Dr., 12765, No. 10-A-Abel Herminlo Aleman to Chen Yu Yan, $140,000.

Dara Dr., 12751, No. 103-Joy Wolf to Nelson Melgar Sosa and Elide Argueta Melgar, $105,500.

Eagle Ridge Dr., 3433-Patrick Bryan Jennings to Austin S. Atkinson and Kelly K. McCabe, $456,500.

Greenacre Dr., 13308-Santos M. Hernandez to Jahidul Islam, $280,000.

Herons Run Lane, 935-Bevin R. and Douglas S. Menezes to Richard Boodhoo and Sonia Phadikar, $365,000.

Kenneweg Ct., 16467-Shekha Hassan to Aamir Talib, $334,000.

Longview Dr. W., 2224-Edwin V. and Susan M. Bunch to Jose F. Reyes Bonilla and Rita A. Benavides De Reyes, $333,000.

Mayflower Dr., 2182-Babette Debruin to Tomasz Jarczaszek and Meaghan Hunt Patrick, $285,000.

Mount High St., 1604-Frank William Guest and Elizabeth D. Flores to Jackson Albright and Joy Gardiner Robb, $400,000.

Putnam Cir., 13124-Nicholas J. Roper to Curtis and Carissa A. Campbell, $270,000.

Rumford Ct., 11645-Howard Alan and Kristine Marie Camp to Yoseph Gebremariam and Abaynesh Tesema, $290,000.

Smoketown Rd., 13016-Patrick L. and Leigh Colbert to Zachary C. and Carolina L. Huff, $450,000.

Stevenson Ct., 12231-Anne M. Ward to Sarah Marie Holland, $147,500.

Wainscott Pl., 3467-Joel D. and Mary M. Bales to Gloretta Lee and Andy Durrant, $505,000.


These were amid homes awash in Manassas.

Forrest St., 108-Sanjay S. and Janet Rawat to Nestor Gomez Vazquez, $275,100.

Kristy Dr., 9218-Concord Property Corp. to Eric S. and Dena K. Vandagriff, $295,000.

Stephanie St., 9241-Paul J. Bongartz and Luis H. Larrazabal to Madeha Baqai and Ahmad Abdullah, $415,000.

Manassas Park

These were amid homes awash in Manassas Park.

Chervil Ct., 10216-Estate of W. Eugene Jennings Jr. and Brenda Ratliff to Michael S. and Corinne M. Haugan, $297,000.

Hood Rd., 9217-David Jauregui Rodriguez and Jose Antonio De Jesus Rodriguez to Moris Rolando Hernandez Guardado and Cristina Valladares Escobar, $205,000.

Liberia Ave., 8658-Meng Chhour and Sopheap Monh to Emaduddin and Mariam Samar, $362,000.

Merrimack Dr., 9027-Repairs Inc. to Clayton King, $170,000.

Point Of Woods Dr., 8633-Kevin P. McCall to Ronal W. Lopez-Fuentes, $240,000.

Scarlet Oak Dr., 9373-Douglas Allen and David Wayne Cook to Heydi N. Castillo Arriaga, $169,000.

Tyler Ct., 9010-Phuongtran and Mui Lay Luu to Barbara and Mark A. Tiano, $265,000.

DJOTA Tattoo - Barreiros - PE: Tattoo de Henna Ramo de Flores com ..

DJOTA Tattoo – Barreiros – PE: Tattoo de Henna Ramo de Flores com .. | tatuagem ramo de flores

Stafford County

These were amid sales abstracts provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To acquisition auction and appraisal annal for homes abroad in the Washington area, appointment washingtonpost.com.

Basalt Dr., 27-John A. Lukacs to Joshua J. and Diana L. Fahrnkopf, $346,000.

Bridgeport Cir., 10-Daniel M. and Mae J. Brannon Jason T. and Zhanna Beachler, $387,500.

Broyhill Ct., 4-Department of Veterans Affairs to Ana Dorila Cruz Vela, $448,000.

Carlsbad Dr., 19-Perry D. and Virginia C. Koger to Cherie A. Parker, $345,000.

Cherry Laurel Dr., 12-James W. and Serita I. Parlett to Margaret Lorraine Dickie, $250,000.

Clark Patton Rd., 162-Mirza Javed Iqbal Baig and Mirza Israr Javed to Vernon J. and Vilaiwan Steiner, $190,000.

Finial Way, 22-Christopher and Clorice Fernandez to Milton Johnson, $339,999.

Hartwood Rd., 1263-Larry L. Schmitz II to Daniel Thomas and Sherri Tucker, $367,000.

Hidden Springs Lane, 36-Carter Bailey to Isaac T. and Tonya L. Wiggins, $432,350.

Hope Springs Lane, 71-Robert Wayne and Cheryl Anne Rouse to Catheryn Joyce and Gregory Scott Williams, $512,000.

Hunting Creek Lane, 106-Robert Conrad Cormier to Matthew N. and Emily McDonough, $327,000.

Jack Ellington Rd., 19-Cindy J. Torrice to Patricia Jagoda and Mary Harding, $325,000.

Kings Crest Dr., 102-Bridgett Latonya Banks and Therman Banks Jr. to Anna and Agustin Becerra, $230,000.

Lakeview Dr., 1031-Linda L. Cunningham to Elizabeth Heilig, $299,000.

Mill Springs Dr., 2-Felina Y. Williams to Mark and Tamara Leinonen, $359,000.

Munsons Hill Ct., 410-Freedom Mortgage Corp. to James M. Lavallee, $174,800.

Olympic Dr., 162-Dennis J. and Dorothy L. Martino to David Donkor and Patience Sarfo-Awuah, $310,000.

Payton Dr., 710-L & P. Properties Corp. to Bryce Heider, $257,500.

Phillips St., 334-JGH Building and Consulting II Corp. to Angela Marie Arrington and Richard Daniel Jenkins, $407,000.

Portland Dr., 414-Lexicon Government Services Corp. to Rozh Chener, $335,000.

River Acres Lane, 175-Jones Properties Corp. to Todd C. and Camille L. Kenny, $520,000.

Sassafras Lane, 24-Alan P. Kerans to Joseph E. and Melissa A. Walsh, $410,000.

Shamrock Dr., 219-Lloyd and Cynthia Morse to Syed M. Akhter and Farah Naz, $260,000.

Sunrise Valley Ct., 29-Martin D. and Roberta T. Hare to Sonia N. Moleta-Green, $445,000.

Trail Ridge Lane, 43-Edgardo Luis and Sandra Borrero to Teresa Elaine and Curtis Lamar Childs, $390,000.

Wakefield Ave., 48-Christopher Lee Bullock to Michael Dealoe Duerden, $115,000.

Wexwood Ct., 4-David L. and Olga R. Arans to Israel A. Latorre and Siobhan V. Chase, $373,000.

Willow Branch Pl., 32-Sheila A. Tritle to Pamela Martha Mittlieder and Nicole Connolly, $239,900.

Woodlot Ct., 7-Augustine Homes Corp. to Michelle L. White, $470,765.

Tatuagem Ramo De Flores – tatuagem ramo de flores
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Tatuagens de Flores e Borboletas nas Costas, Barriga, Braço - tatuagem ramo de flores

Tatuagens de Flores e Borboletas nas Costas, Barriga, Braço – tatuagem ramo de flores | tatuagem ramo de flores

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